Lisa Berryhill’s Maid of Honor Speech

Lisa Berryhill is an athlete from Southeast Area. Her sister, Amy, is her Unified Partner  and asked Lisa to be her maid of honor. Lisa showed incredible courage as she delivered the toast in front of a full room of guests at the wedding on June 16, 2012. Below is the text from the speech.  

I’d like to make a toast to Amy and Billy.

First I wanted to say that Amy has always been there for me.  She has done Special Olympics bocce doubles with me. She comes to watch my Special Olympics events to cheer me on and now Billy has started to come and cheer me on too.

Amy and I might fight a lot, but we are still sisters and we are there for each other.  I love her and am proud of her. Billy you better be good to her and take care of her.

Billy picks on me a lot and tries to make me mad, but I want him to know that I still love him.

I hope you both the best and just want you to be happy. Welcome to the family, Billy.

I love you both! Be happy!

Peggy Berryhill, Amy and Billy Dinkins and Lisa Berryhill


4 thoughts on “Lisa Berryhill’s Maid of Honor Speech

  1. Beautiful story!! I was there, and Lisa’s speech brought tears to my eyes and the eyes of all those present who love her and her sister and her mom. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. It was a big audience and the toast was so beautiful. The group stood and applauded! It is the first time I have seen that for a wedding toast. Great job Lisa!

  3. I too am very proud of Lisa, we all knew a long time ago that Lisa would have a hard way to go. She is a tough lady and has hung in there and has done so well in all she attempts. She has alot of love and support from her family especially her wondwerful mom and sister andbrother in law

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